• Excellent quality

    All activities of this company are in accordance with the standards of Iran-Europe and we will provide and guarantee our products in accordance with international standards.
  • Performing measurements on specific projects

    Micron Weighing provides the best solution for makers of measuring, packaging, filling, or categorizing their manufactured products.
  • creativity and innovation

    Using the experiences, activities and communications of subsidiaries, and other countries, Micron Tazzin has been able to effectively diversify its products.
  • Product Support

    Micron Weighing Company supports all its products.
  • Functional parts Towzin

    The expertise in technology has made it possible for Micron Tazzin to provide solutions, including reservoir weighing and special facilities in all sectors.
  • Manufacturer of various weighing systems

    Micron Toszin, as one of the most unique production units, has helped many craftsmen to build weighing equipment according to their requirements.

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Micron Towzi Products

Our abilities and services

Product diversity
creativity and innovation

Has a standard badge

It has two standard labels from the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran

Manufacturer of weights

– Manufacturer of all-purpose concrete scales, all metal and concrete
– The manufacturer of weights in sizes 3 * 16 (60 t), 3 * 8 (50 t), 3 * 18 (80 t)
– The manufacturer represents the weight of the model Dam Star, Star Plus, Star, Mini Star
– Conversion of mechanical balance to semi-electronic or all electronic (modernization of weighbridge)
– Repair and procurement of mechanical and electronic scales
– Weighing crane, special weighing system (weighing conveyor, weighing tank, weighing feed and poultry, etc.)

Weighing indicator

– Indicates weighing for conveyor and tank weighing systems (Micron model)
– Supply and install a variety of load cells
– Production and installation of a piece of machine